Revisión de "Mayura Boots 2478-MRA Old Manchado"

Mayura Boots 2478-MRA Old Manchado

Bota urbana "Militar Look"


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Beautiful classic boot

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I bought these boots because I really liked the classic design, especially with the leather cap on the front of the boot. The coloring and the leather also appealed to me right away. The leather of the boot is thick but not too hard, so the boot is easy to walk on, the sole rolls off comfortably and the footbed slowly forms. the boot feels pleasantly stable on the foot. Of course, the boots generally have to be broken in a bit before they become a good friend. But they have all the makings to become one. I'm very happy that after some deliberation I decided to afford it, because in a nutshell: 1.) super processed,
2.) beautiful design,
3.) great leather,
4.) perfect fit,
5.) Certainly also envious glances from others,
6.) lasting, certainly not a pair of boots.
The laces are waxed and underline the classic character, as does the color of the boot. Another pleasant effect is that the laces run extremely well.